Barry McGee

Barry McGee

I'm a Software Engineer based in Belfast, N. Ireland. This is my infrequent blog on technology, politics & life generally.

Curriculum Vitae

Canonical logo

Canonical is best known as the company that delivers Ubuntu, an open source software platform that runs everywhere from the smartphone to the cloud.

I'm currently working with Canonical to support their web offering in the front end space across their multiple product streams.

Canonical's core mission to make open source software available to people everywhere and one of the many perks of working with them is the ability to contribute back to the open source community.

Made by Many logo

Made by Many is an award winning innovation accelerator based in Angel. I'm worked with them over 5 two week sprints to develop a complex Ruby on Rails product with an accompanying Pattern Library for a leading scientific laboratory.

The lab was a large corporate with multiple competing sub-brands so the challenge was to develop an over-arching set of patterns & living components that could be thread through multiple products to build a cohesive overall brand.

Kahoot! logo

Kahoot! is a real-time quiz collaboration platform experiencing huge growth - as of May '15, Kahoot has now been used by over 50 million users worldwide.

I worked with Kahoot over a eight month period to provide guidance and direction on improving their front end architecture for scalability and modularity in the future. This involved:

  • Architecting a new modular CSS framework to style entire product using Atomic Design principles.
  • Creating documentation repository to outline conventions, best practices and linting rules.
  • Switching the development team from using LESS to SASS
  • Building out a Pattern Library from the ground up using Fabricator.
  • Educating and guiding the development team on style guide driven development.
  • Helping the development team transition to Scrum.
  • Rebuilding the marketing website as a full stack developer using Craft CMS.

Nuffield Health logo

I developed a microsite for Nuffield Health to support their new year media & print campaigns. The site was built on NodeJS & included Salesforce integration for CRM and Google Maps integration for an interactive location finder of Nuffield Hospitals by postcode.

FutureLearn logo

I joined a small team of developers four months after FutureLearn was founded to help build a beta product fit for public unveiling in mid-Sept.

Within the first 3 months, the user base quickly grew to over 250,000 registered users. In Oct 2014, after just one year live, FutureLearn is fast approaching 1.5 million enrolments.

The product is built in Ruby on Rails, using HAML and SASS on the front end. The team worked using Agile to gain real-time feedback from beta users to shape the product. I was one of two contracting Front Enders who helped build a scalable, modular, front end architecture which the maturing team can now inherit and build upon further.

  • Worked with other developers to create a consistent Pattern Library.
  • Collaborated closely with design/UX team to produce mobile first designs.
  • Worked with automated testing to ensure QA and confidence in site stability.
  • Using Continuous Integration to deploy on average 5 times a day.
  • Heavily involved in recruitment process for full time front end team.

Other Media logo

In my time with Other Media I was leading a small Front End team helping them transition to a more agile way of working (Scrum) to deliver high profile responsive projects for large enterprise clients such as Paul Smith and smaller high impact projects for highly visible clients such as Jasper Conran.

  • Responsible for Front End build of Paul Smith redesign on Drupal with Magento eCommerce integration.
  • Worked on sites for ZSL (London Zoo) & the English Cricket Board.
  • Worked on pitch and early versions for 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcase.
  • Involved in brainstorming and pitching for new work.
  • Organised internal 'Learning Lunches' to encourage knowledge share within the agency.

BBC logo

I worked at the BBC for just under 5 years in total, progressing from a Junior Client Side Developer in 2007 at BBC Switch to spending my last eighteen months on the BBC iPlayer team.

In this role, I worked within a large project team to deliver continuous improvements and features to the BBC's high profile TV & iPlayer website.

I worked in an Agile team of ˜10 developers, and was required to produce high performing, well written, object oriented code on a daily basis.

Working closely with my Project Manager, designers, other developers and testers within two week release cycles, I help shape new features and improvements that enhanced the user experience for the millions of visitors that hit BBC iPlayer each week.

We were one of the first teams within the BBC to embrace responsive, launching the Channels websites just before I left in June 2012, which went on to be the foundation for the revamped iPlayer site as it is today.

  • In my five years, I also spent eighteen months on attachment to BBC Northern Ireland in Belfast where I had responsibility of supporting a large portfolio of legacy sites within a small technical team.
  • Involved in producing live events sites for BBC Radio 1
  • Worked on high visibility products such as Human Planet, Battle of Britain and the Royal Wedding.

Way back, in academia...

University of Ulster logo

Awarded 2:1 in BSc (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design

Notable: Awarded place in SPEED Young Entrepreneurs Programme in Final Year.